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chronicles of a bitch

Up Yours

11 April 1982
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En pyri olemaan kiva. Enkä todennäköisesti pidä sinusta.

Right. Let's get a few things straight. My journal is friends locked for all the social porn in my life, which includes my hatered towards my job, people, everything I would rant to my friends really. All my fandom related rants or fics will remain public, because I link my community posts to my own journal (makes it easier for me to reply to comments, and I am a massive comment-whore). I don't friend people in livejournal if I don't know them, it's a principal matter. It's nothing personal. I just like to keep my rants of my personal life within a community of people I actually know. I am an obsessed fangirl when it comes to SPN, Narnia, LOTR, BAU, you name a show/movie with good looking boys (girls?) I can ship, I'm there shipping it. I don't really give a toss if you don't like slash, I do, and hey, it's my journal. I like writing perverted, homosexual stories about two (or more) boys (girls?), but I do hide that behind LJcuts, so if that ain't your cup of tea, don't read it.

That being said, it's just an effing journal. Don't take it too seriously.