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New website

Hi guys.

Just letting you all know I've just registered my own website www.katjadriver.com

it's my online profile, you know, to help me get a job, but it's still a personal blog with some commentary on current affairs. I'll still keep this blog to post and read fic and to keep tabs on you guys, but it would be great if I had some traffic on new new site as well. Just sayin' :)

Also the more personal posts will remain here behind the friends lock. So you won't lose me completely to the professional world with PC updates :D


No, I'm not dead, I'm just opting to update my life through Facebook and twitter at the moment. However, I'm dying to get something of my chest so I'm updating the journal after a long silence. Now, if you a skirmish about the topic subject or bigoted and only tolerant about your own opinions, I suggest you don't read any further.

I am a tolerant person. I accept people don't share my view on the world, accept people have their own opinions that might differ from mine very radically. It's fine. Each to their own, but it doesn't mean I won't either voice my opinion or defend my stance if I feel people are trying to overrun my right to have a different opinion. I'm all up for even heated conversations; to disagree to such levels we both think the other is an idiot (as long as we remember that no matter how stupid we think the other is, they are entitled to their own opinion). I think it's great we're all different and have different views, what would we talk about if we didn't? How could we deepen our understanding on the subject matter if there wasn't a discourse?

Anyway. What I keep banging my head against way too often is that I am expected to be tolerant of things that are alien to me and that I can't with good conscience embody in my own life, but my views can be looked upon as "intolerant" and "closed-minded" and even sometimes "conservative".

I have to accept world views of others, but just because I don't agree, I am being intolerant and should open my eyes. Sometimes these people attempt to convert me, because I obviously am "missing out", "contending to something" and "repressive".

No one seems to stop and think that whereas they are entitled to have their own way in their own lives, (I mean, who are we to judge their choices) I don't seem to be allowed to have my own way in mine.

Talk about intolerance.

I absolutely abhor people who play the "intolerance" card whenever their choices are questioned, but are so blind they don't see that they are doing the same to others when they criticize people who want to live their lives in a different way.

And I also hate people who feel they have to advertise their choices to a large audience, and if I disagree with it and would rather not have yet another inane conversation about the same subject, I get all the "Well, no one forces you to be here, if you don't like the subject you can go elsewhere". Well, I don't enforce my opinion on you, why have you got the right to force yours on me?

Tolerance is a two-way road, people. You aren't tolerant if you don't accept people having a different view to yours; you're a bigot. And you can fuck right off.

Me-Me for the Finns

Valitse kustakin parista YKSI sana, jonka uskot kuvaavan minua parhaiten, ja jätä se kommentteihin
(Kopioi sitten tämä ja laita omaan journaliisi, jotta saat tietää, millaisena ystäväsi näkevät sinut.)

* dominoiva vai alistuva
* looginen vai intuitiivinen
* sosiaalinen vai yksinolija
* perverssi vai sovinnainen
* söpö vai hienostunut
* kissanpentu vai koiranpentu
* lämpimät flanellilakanat vai kiiltävä satiini
* johtaja vai seuraaja
* hiljainen vai puhelias
* spontaani vai suunnitelmallinen
* nallekarhu vai posliininukke
* patikointi vai ikkunaostokset
* tequila vai vodka
* päällä vai alla
* paljaat jalat vai kengät
* farkut vai housut
* lempeä vai karkea
* valveutunut vai unelmoiva
* nörtti vai urheilija


Fuuuuuu. :P~~~~

PLS to be reading...

...my article online. :) Work based learning is going amazingly well, just finished my placement at local radio station (who asked me to come back during the summer to work with them more) and I've just published my first article UK side. It's in English as well so you guys will find it easier to read :D



Holy shit, with this new layout of LJ, How does one view only journals? I have to skim through tens of pages to find them now. Halp, anyone?

May. 11th, 2011

Title: What’s in a name
Pairing: Chakotay/Paris
Rating: NC-17 - PWP
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: He decidedly didn’t open his eyes, didn’t say a word. He knew what it would mean if he did.
Author’s note: There is never enough of smut between these two. I decided to turn the tables around this time, to see where I got if I changed the balance of power usually portrayed in C/P fics. It’s my first attempt at this fandom and is unbeated, so all mistakes are mine.

Click for PrOnCollapse )