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I'm alive!

Hello dear flist!

I know I have been AWOL for ages, because of UNI work, work, life and such things. I have been keeping tabs on you all on twitter and Facebook, and reading all of your posts, so I feel like I haven't completely lost touch with all of you.

So the dissertation is going OK, I hope. I have almost got the historical review done, methodology and literature review are OK, just need to do my own research now. I still have 3 months to get this done, so I think I am actually going to get this done before the deadline. I just wish someone would have told me that doing 90% of your own research is NOT a good idea when I planned my academic work. Oh well, can't really be helped right now :D I am enjoying it somewhat, and it is actually making me think I should continue to doing a masters and a doctorate later... obviously while I'd be working.

Workingwise, I am still in DFS. They pay me good money to run the office, and might offer me a full time position after I graduate, so in that sense all is good. And I have been thinking about my prospects in the career I am actually studying for. I am not pretending anyone is going to hire a journalist straight out of UNI to do the kind of investigative work I want to do, so my second option would be working in publishing while I freelance. I love literature (and curse UNI that I haven't got time to read for pleasure at the moment) and I am technically going to graduate with a degree in a social science and English language, so it is more than probable that I could work in publishing. Might be worth a shot anyway.

Or I might stay at DFS for a year or so just to do mundane office work and work on my novels, get something published and then head to the real world of a career.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to just doing one thing at a time, not studying and working at the same time.

On that note, just before I hand in my dissertation, I will turn 30. The big 3 - 0. Terrifying. Lucky Rob's taking me to Paris to soften the blow. All I need to do now is to get down to the same measurements I was in last year around my birthday and I'll be fine. On good way there already, 3rd week of diet & exercising and already down 3 kg. Damn you, Christmas, for forcing my hand in indulging :D

To celebrate my return to LJ, I have revamped my layout and icons as well, to illustrate my current obsession, Sherlock. If you haven't seen it yet, GO AND SEE IT. IT IS AMAZING.

That's about it, on a quick note. You can still follow my professional blog at www.katjadriver.com and keep tabs on me on twitter and Facebook, but I will make a concious effort to be here more. I miss fandom, I miss you outside fandom and I miss writing fics as well (shock! shock! horror!)

See ya all on flip side!

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